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Band Bio

Vivian Steve Emmanuel


has an opinion about everything and it turns out she’s almost always right. She is an accomplished musician who has played in and around the Palmerston North music scene for quite some time.
Her specialities are…Fiddler, Piano, Vocal, And a mean fish pie.
Vivian is still working on her first song and would have finished by now if she didn’t have to spend so much time orchestrating the boy’s songs.


is responsible for all the notes below middle “C”. He is a song writer who also provides the sound system and vocals. Steve is also a bass guitar tutor at the School of Rock.
He woke up after Christmas being 7kg’s overweight but has a “master plan” of drinking only low-cal beer… for the next twenty years.


can’t read a stitch of music but he can write songs till the cows come home. He’s often bored when Steve and Vivian rave on about “consecutive 5ths and parallel 4ths.
He’s 7kg’s underweight and has a “master plan” of drinking only Hi-Cal beer… for the next 20 years.
“Loads of my writing is about taking too much, about the thoughtless ravaging of the earths resources. We’ve only got one planet. We need to take care of nature before nature takes care of us”.